Tri-Star Dental Laboratory is a Small, Quality Oriented Laboratory.
Our experience and expertise have brought us to the pinnacle of laboratory excellence.
Our dedication to service for our doctors has kept us there.

Now we want to be a part of your continuing success. Our doctors know they can depend on us to handle all of their difficult and complex cases that require the extra care and knowledge that we bring. They know that we’ll deliver what they want - when they want it. Get acquainted with the service and craftsmanship we have to offer you by sending Tri-Star Dental Lab a case today! Sending case files and/or models to us is easy! Download and print a Lab Rx form to order and schedule a pickup. Our outsourcing service for your scan & design files eliminates shipping costs and ensures quicker turnaround time for your coping, bridge framework, or final restoration.

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We Accept All Digital Impression System Scan Files

WE PROVIDE Expert Scan & Design Services

FDA Cleared Custom Abutments

Custom Precision Milled Bars

Naturally Esthetic Crowns & Bridges with Excellent Fit & Function

Zirconia / PMMA / Bruxir / Nobel Metals


Streamline your workflow and provide the best for every patient when you choose Tri-Star Dental Laboratory as your dental laboratory partner.